The History of

Both Garfield and Kenmore Residence were established for the Elderly and Retired and Infirm IHMs and specifically for those who wished to continue living in a communal setting. The IHM Community believed in the value of such a residence out of respect and support of the Elderly members. The IHM Board Members and Leadership have long supported this need because of the statement during the 1970 Assembly and the following Assemblies to continue the care and support of the Elderly, Retired and Infirm.

Throughout the years, former IHMs and Friends of the Community, Alumnae of IHM schools have generously supported through their donations to meet the needs of the Residences. The former IHMs were mainly responsible for furnishing the Kenmore Residence. Regina McPartlin gifted us with the Kenmore Chapel tabernacle.

The 1990 Community Assembly voted to start Friends of Immaculate Heart, and was to be organized by Anita M. Caspary, IHM and Stephanie Baxter, IHM. As the chronology shows, many, many fundraisers were held by the Community specifying that the results would go to the Residences to help with their car, lease expenses and mortgage.

The IHMs invited and greeted visitors, family, guests requesting hospitality, elderly parents to reside there. All were invited with the wonderful charism of the IHM Hospitality. The Residents were privileged to have the Blesssed Sacrament present in the chapel. Prayer meetings, celebration of feast days, holidays and birthdays were constant.

The IHMs were also priviledged to have two resident Chaplains, Father Henry Wachowski, retired IH College professor and Father Bernard Martin, who came from New York. Both were cared for when they became ill and passed away. Fathers Lawrence Murphy, SJ, Gary Rye, OSA and others have been faithful in presiding at Mass for us throughout the years. Retreats have been conducted by prominent Retreat asters and IHMs.

For years, Christmas and Thanksgiving Dinners were generously provided by the Queen of the Valley Hospital kitchen where Louise Marie Messmer, IHM worked until her retirement. Many IHMs have visited both Residences throughout the years, bringing gifts and sunshine to the residents. IHMs have passed away at Garfield and Kenmore and others have “come home” to be with Community and to pass their final days there. Loyal to her longtime missionary work, Anastasia Peterson, IHM faithfully embarked every Summer since 1970 for San Blas, Nayarit, Mex. for six weeks to teach English to adults, local merchants and children. Sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Lions Club, she was accompanied by another IHM volunteer and high school students from San Luis Obispo, Sister City to San Blas. Anastasia retired from this project and the local residents with the Pastor celebrated her 50th Jubilee in San Blas. IHMs have been honored by various agencies and/or societies since their retirement. Other honors were given to several IHMs, such Agnes Ann Green, IHM, Mary McHugh Edwards and Mechtilde Lauer, Patricia Dennis, to mention a few.