about the IHM Residence

The IHM Residence offers care for our senior members and others. Purchased in 1980, this Los Angeles apartment building provides individual units for active and retired members, and the Community provides special help for those in need of assistance. Members gather daily in prayer, carrying in their hearts the needs of all who have asked for theirĀ  prayerful intercession and for all who are voiceless in their need.


The ladies at the IHM Residence are a remarkable group of people that have collectively spent 1500 years of service in the Immaculate Heart Community Filling the Hearts of others. While the purpose of the IHM Residence is to have a place to retire, our residents continue to be active and working in the community proving that the work of Filling the Hearts of others will never end. The Immaculate Heart Community continues to strive to expand programing, maintain and upgrade the facilities, and continue to provide the level of care the residents have become accustomed to with Episcopal Senior Communities, BrightStar Care, and Food Management Associates.

Our History


Both Garfield and IHM Residence were established for the Elderly and Retired and Infirm IHMs and specifically for those who wished to continue living in a communal setting. The IHM Community believed in the value of such a residence out of respect and support of the Elderly members. The IHM Board Members and Leadership have long supported this need because of the statement during the 1970 Assembly and the following Assemblies to continue the care and support of the Elderly, Retired and Infirm.


Throughout the years, former IHMs and Friends of the Community, Alumnae of IHM schools have generously supported through their donations to meet the needs of the Residences. The former IHMs were mainly responsible for furnishing the Kenmore Residence. Regina McPartlin gifted us with the Kenmore Chapel tabernacle.


Immaculate Heart Community 501(C) 3 non-profit corporation aka IHM Residence